What is the Toolkit?


The Toolkit is a resource aimed at encouraging Doncaster’s youth to ENGAGE, EXPLORE and INVENT their town’s built environment. It strengthens collective creativity, and the playful side of design, focusing on users’ real needs as receivers of architectural innovation. It is made of 4 components – the activities guide, a boardgame, a website and two web-based applications.

The content for these ‘Tools’ was developed through a series of workshops with various groups. Following the workshops, a cycle of activities had been established. Engage (that were introductory indoor activities), explore (walks and tasks undertaken outdoors) and invent (where students return for reflective review and sharing of experiences).

A physical toolkit holds the activities guide, game cards, instructions and player motifs for the boardgame and an A2 map of Doncaster. On the back is a gameboard for the new game – “Donny know it all”.

This website is an online companion to the activities guide in the toolkit. It contains all of the tasks from the guide as well as downloadable links to the worksheets and tools for each activity.