7. Storyline

Activity 7 - Storyline


The aim of this activity is to study the importance of public space in the neighbourhood and its impact on the built environment.

Tools: online resource, drawing materials, card

Online resource: Activity 7 – Storyline


Spend 5 minutes trying to retrace the journey from your house to the school. Try to remember what buildings you pass, and the landscape.

Draw an experience map of this journey using the sheet available online from the website and drawing tools.

Make sure students start and finish at the designated place. If necessary, advise students to change the width of the road along the way and the turns they take.

Draw the surroundings in as much detail as possible, include the outline of the buildings and any green spaces or parking lots students may come across in their way.

Ask students to annotate their feelings around the drawings. Help students glue the maps drawn in the class to form a story line.

Have a debrief where students compare their journeys.


Students will get an insight of how buildings and spaces affect our everyday lives, by performing this activity. Drawing this map, students would identify the characteristics of buildings that make a positive or negative impact.