8. My future Minster

My future Minster


My future Minster aims to show the importance of preserving and appreciating our building heritage. This allegory will trigger children’s imagination and make it easier to understand the reasons behind this activity.

Tools: online resource, drawing materials, model making materials

Online resource: Activity 8 – My future Minster


Some research about St. George’s Minster before the activity is advised. Begin the activity through a series of warm-up questions, like:

1. How many times have you visited St. George’s Minster?

2. Do you think it is an important building in Doncaster?

3. How old do you think the building is?

4. How much do you know about the history of the building?

Following this brief introduction, divide the class in groups of 5-7 students.

Give out a large sheet of paper (A2 size is recommended) and a cut-out of St. George’s Minster to each group.

Place the cut-out in the centre of the paper.

Present this scenario to the class:

“Retaining the Minster, design your future neighbourhood around it. Consider the access and preservation of the Minster.”

Ask students to draw their ideas on the sheet, marking the roads, rivers and green space. Also students through discussion, demarcate areas for the buildings that they would require in their future neighbourhood.

Encourage students to make pop-up drawings or models of these buildings relative to the scale of the Minster and place them within the previously defined areas.

End the activity with a presentation from each group.


Students will begin to acknowledge the importance of retaining and preserving local built heritage. Also, a basic understanding of urban planning principles is developed.