9. The master of Doncaster

Master of Doncaster


A knowledge about Doncaster and its landmarks is promoted through this activity.

Tools: online resources, drawing materials, cocktail sticks, model making materials

Online resources: Activity 9 РThe master of Doncaster


All the cut-out models can be found and downloaded from the website. You can use the map provided in the Toolkit for this activity, or if you require additional copies, download it from the website.

Divide the class in groups of 5-7 students, and hand out a map and cut-outs to each group.

Start the activity with a 5 minute orientation game.

Ask students if they can locate themselves, their school and house on the map. Can they recognise the train station on the map? Can they point out other places on the map?

Part 1: Locate the cut-out landmarks on the map (10 minutes)

Looking at the cut-out landmarks, how many can students recognise?

Challenge students to place them at the right location on the map.

Part 2: Name the place (25 minutes)

In the second part of this activity, let students name three places on the map which they like the most and three places which they dislike.

Students can record their choices on the building cut-outs provided. Place the sticks with the cut-outs on the map.

Initiate a discussion with the class regarding their choices. Determine if there are any other special places in the area.


Map reading skills of students are improved, as they need to recognise landmarks and other places in a 2-dimensional plan. By producing a map of most liked and disliked places, students will begin to formulate a critical viewpoint of the places they inhabit.