10. Doncaster invasion

Activity 10 - Doncaster invasion


This activity can help students understand the value of the built environment, local heritage and community.

Tools:  map (Toolkit), drawing materials, model making materials

Online resources:


Using the map provided in the Toolkit and from the website, spend 5 minutes with the students trying to identify the following:

1. Which areas are hardscape and which are softscape?

2. Which areas seem denser?

3. Where is the town centre and which are the rural areas?

Doncaster is being invaded!

Give the following instructions to the class:

Decide who the invaders in Doncaster are.

Draw the selected invaders on a piece of paper and cut them out. Use cocktail sticks to mount them.

Select 2 buildings, places or spaces of great importance in Doncaster to be discovered by the invaders in the future.

Pin them at these locations on the map.

Explain your choices and why you think they are significant. Write down/draw your thoughts in the sheet provided.

Compare the choices with your peers.


A map of significant places in Doncaster is produced by students, as a way to understand the importance of preserving historic places.