11. No place like home

No place like home


Through this activity students will have a chance to improve mapping techniques and create their own personal neighbourhood maps.

Tools: drawing materials


During the 5 minute introduction of this activity, ask students to reflect on their neighbourhood:

1. What are the places that you go to most often?

2. How far are they from your home?


Take a day before doing this activity in class to prepare and print maps of your locality. There are several ways to download and print maps or aerial photographs for free online. Some of the websites that you can use are:

Open Street Map – www.openstreetmap.org/
Google Maps – www.maps.google.com
Bing Maps – www.bing.com/maps/

Part 1: Investigate your neighbourhood

Divide students into groups of 5-7 people per group and hand out a map to each group. In an investigation of students’ neighbourhoods, ask students to identify the following places around their home where they:

1. shop

2. meet their friends

3. go for running or exercise

4. visit most often

5. like the most

6. visit best friend

7. learn

8. eat

9. spend time with their family or friends

10. play

Students should write how much time it takes to go to those places by different means of transport, on the table which is provided online.

Part 2: Create your neighbourhood plan

After students have located all the places in the first part, ask them to place them on the radius map provided according to travel time:

1. How different is each map? What elements does your immediate environment contain?


Creating a personal map will help students develop their mapping skills and get an insight into cartography.