13. St. George’s Minster

In the first chapter of the site specific activities in the guide, you can explore the history and the future of a very important heritage site in Doncaster, St. George’s Minster.

The activities aim to help users develop a deeper understanding of this site, and of the term heritage in general. Through a series of both indoor and outdoor activities, users will explore the site, the building’s materiality and envision how to preserve and better the site of the Minster in the future.

Start exploring St. George’s Minster:

Activity 13a – Research St. George’s Minster

Activity 13b – St. George’s Minster in context

Activity 13c – Façade analysis

Activity 13d – Exploring materiality

Activity 13e – How do we use buildings?

Activity 13f – Minster regeneration

Activity 13g – Postcards from Doncaster