15. Sir Nigel Gresley Square

This chapter is based on the new Civic and Cultural Quarter  plan by Doncaster Council to regenerate the Waterdale area. The new Sir Nigel Gresley Square will be the focal point of the activities in chapter 15.

There is a series of indoor and outdoor activities, that will help users learn about the history of Waterdale, appreciate the transformation of the urban grain and the significance of having a public square in Doncaster. Some activities will also encourage you to create a vision for similar public spaces.

Explore Sir Nigel Gresley Square and the Waterdale area:

Activity 15a – Reporting the history of Waterdale

Activity 15b – Trace the difference!

Activity 15c – Surveying Sir Nigel Gresley Square

Activity 15d – Urban investigators, explorers & reporters

Activity 15e – Post-it

Activity 15f – Urban blindfold