2. Developing the Toolkit

Live Project Group

Live Project Group 09 – Credit: SSoA

Live Project: Doncaster Toolkit

Phase 2 of the education project is the development of the toolkit and was initiated by Lisa Procter who established links between the Civic Trust and the Live Project team at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture.

The aim of this project was to create a resource or ‘toolkit’ for schools, to engage Doncaster’s youth with the built environment, raise awareness of places and spaces in Doncaster and promote the work of Doncaster Civic Trust.

Throughout the project, the Live Project team of Masters architecture students established links through Lisa Procter with outreach groups, high schools, youth clubs and primary schools, who were influential in shaping the content of the toolkit. The team also made contact with public organisations such as Friends of the Hyde Park Cemetery who were a vital source of information about Doncaster. The team worked closely with the Civic Trust throughout.

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