1. Our Doncaster

Credit: Dr Lisa Procter

‘Our Doncaster’ – Touch Credit: Dr Lisa Procter

‘Our Doncaster’

Doncaster Civic Trust is a local charity which works for the preservation and conservation of historic buildings. We also promote high standards of new building design and landscaping.

In addition, we want to improve public awareness of the built and natural environments so that people can feel more able to influence new development in Doncaster.

We are particularly interested in helping Doncaster’s young people have a better understanding of our rich heritage. Since 2010 we have been developing a programme to make this happen.

Our bursary scheme was launched in 2011 and as of autumn 2013 we are helping three Doncaster students meet the costs of their university courses in architecture.

We have now extended the bursary scheme to include support for Doncaster students wishing to train in traditional historic building crafts.

For more information on the activities of Doncaster Civic Trust, membership and our bursary scheme, please visit our website  www.doncastercivictrust.org.uk

As part of our education programme Doncaster Civic Trust and The University of Sheffield have been working on a collaborative project to develop a built environment learning package for Doncaster’s schools. This initiative will engage young people with the places and spaces of Doncaster in creative and hands-on ways.

The initial phase of the project was led by Lisa Procter from Sheffield University School of Education and joint-funded by the University and Civic Trust.

The research from this phase has been used to inform the development of a toolkit which can be used by teachers and young people to experience Doncaster’s architecture in new and educational ways. In addition to drawing on this research, we have developed this toolkit alongside young people living in Doncaster to make sure that it is something that they will find inspiring and fun to use.

The Toolkit is being shared across local schools to increase young people’s interest and engagement with their environment.

Similar projects have shown that young people gain a sense of place and a greater connection and interest in where they live and the future development of the built environment. We think Doncaster has a very interesting past and a promising future and we hope this toolkit will share our enthusiasm for the town with its young residents!

You can visit the first phase project blog to find out more:- “Our doncaster” : Engaging Young People with Doncaster’s Architecture

View here a full report of the educational programme by Lisa Procter.

The education programme is being led by Jeff Prior from the Trust who can be contacted at:-  mail@doncastercivictrust.org.uk